Nuovo Impero d’Occidente



2012. Forty years have passed since Mussolini’s death and twenty since the victory over the Arabs. Romano Tebaldi is the Duce of Italy, undisputed dictator of a world superpower, respected and feared, who excels in the industrial and military fields thanks to his extraordinary scientific and technological knowledge.

But a tough and ruthless enemy is ready to launch a deadly attack and carries out a series of attacks, devastating entire continents and claiming millions of victims.

In the East, the epidemic caused by a new virus generates chaos: hordes of fugitives head towards Europe while the economy of the planet is disrupted by a devastating crisis.

 Governments break up, many nations are dismembered and new national entities are formed. A bloody conflict is inevitably unleashed around the insignia of the Roman Empire of the West, because whoever seizes will be able to impose a new world order.

 After surviving terrible trials, Tebaldi and his last supporters accept the challenge and, after organising a resistance force, decide to battle against the enemy on land and on the oceans, across the expanses of the Antartic and in space.