1992: twenty years after the death of Mussolini, the new Duce has not yet been proclaimed. A Triumvirate, expression of the various factions of the National Fascist Party, rules over the Empire, while waiting for a difficult agreement to resolve the serious problem of succession to Mussolini.


Despite political uncertainty, Italy continues to be a superpower whose domination extends from Russia to Somalia.


In the Middle East, however, the situation falls. In Baghdad, Yasser Arafat, president of the Arab Federation, establishes a powerful group of Muslim nations, dies following an attack carried out by an extremist party, whose symbol is a black crescent, led by an elusive and bloodthirsty sheikh. The supporters of the Black Crescent assume power in the Federation and provoke revolts throughout the Arab world shortly before, in a convent, the Fascist Secret Police find traces of scientist Ettore Majorana who inexplicably disappeared in 1938.


Off Cyprus the American Sixth Fleet is treacherously attacked and mostly destroyed, thanks to a very powerful weapon, of an unknown kind, used by the Arab armies, who invade and conquer Israel.


The war spreads in a short time across the whole of the Middle East, until the armies of the Black Crescent threaten to invade Europe.


Supreme command of the Armed Forces of the Empire is entrusted to Romano Tebaldi, recently appointed as Triumvir, while all the western countries unite to prevent invasion.


Once again, however, Tebaldi has to deal, as well as with his obvious enemies, with elusive presences, possessors of a hidden power that seems to secretly rule events.


Will he be able to reveal the secret kept by a pope who died five hundred years earlier and discover traces of a mysterious land across the Ocean? With what means will he be able to stop the super-weapon of the Black Crescent and defeat the elusive sheikh? Will he be able to regain possession of the flags of the Empire of the West? Finally: of what ineffable knowledge was Majorana guardian?


In the second episode of the saga “The West”, two civilisations meet in a bloody encounter with no holds barred, whose stake is rule over the entire planet.